Bead work Artist

Yonavea Hawkins, Caddo bead work artist creates moccasins in the woodland (pucker toe) and plains style (hard sole), she does loom work for beaded belts, hatbands and bracelets.

When creating moccasins and Native American cultural items she uses a two needle applique stitch and overlay stitch. As an artist she also enjoys drawing and painting.

Yonavea has won awards for her bead work at the Red Earth Festival, The Artesian Arts Festival, the South Eastern Art Show and Market and the Cherokee Art Market in the bead work and cultural categories.


Currently Yonavea's bead work is on display at:

Red Earth Museum and Gallery, Oklahoma City, OK

​Chokma'si Gallery, Ada, OK

The Artesian Gallery, Sulphur, OK

Jacobson House, Norman, OK

Caddoan Mounds, Alto, TX​​


Pictured is the Turkey Dance, one of the many traditional dances of the Hasinay (Caddo). Notice their dushtou's and silver combs worn on the back of their heads.